social collaboration

“Social media in business will eclipse the e-commerce revolution of 10 years ago. 
Ignoring social media is not an option.”
-Gartner Research, 2012

For Webjam, I developed their content strategies, publishing frameworks, brand editorial guidelines and workflows to grow their current client relationships and drive new business initiatives.

Here’s some of the guides I’ve created and written to demonstrate how Not-For-Profits can easily connect and engage with their members and donors and why it’s crucial to add new value their members can’t get elsewhere.  

One sec...


At the end of the day, it’s the results that count.  I’m pretty proud of what’s been achieved in a short amount of time for Webjam, the awesome social collaboration platform I’ve been consulting for.

  • Leads in the last three months:  Up by 103%

  • Referring sites:  Up by 20%

  • New linking domains:  Up by 233%

  • Visit to Contact Conversion Rate:

    From .50% in June 2012 to 16.5% in January 2013

  • Contacts from Social Media:  Up by 400%

  • Visits from Social Media:  Up by 76%

Landing Page Performance from September – January 15 2013:

  • 163,249 page views

  • 52 Keywords

  • 7,774 Inbound Links

It's a small and increasingly connected world


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