Lola has great energy and creativity as well as a logical approach to working with brands. I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking to expand their brand and product offerings.  Lola is so creative, she sees a lot of connections that are easy to miss when you’re too close to your business.

As London Ambassador for Food Revolution Day, Lola took our brief fast and then turned it into actions even faster.  Dynamic, creative, innovative and passionate, and great fun to have on the team, Lola is absolutely at home with new world marketing and social media and able to leverage the best way to connect a cause with it’s champions.

Sy Brighton, Jamie Oliver Ltd.

Working with Lola Reed on Webjam’s Essential Social Media Guide was a real pleasure. The purpose of the guide was to cut through the commotion about social media and provide people with clear and easy to understand explanations of this fast moving topic. Her ability to get to the point and simplify complex ideas would be of great help to anyone trying to get their message across in an increasingly noisy world.

Euan Semple, Social Media Thought Leader

Lola is dynamic, creative, innovative, and passionate, and a great asset to any team. At the forefront of social media, Lola understands how to deliver it’s value to your brand. Her support on our TedX event at Fallon was absolutely critical, in that she turned the event digital and therefore global almost overnight. She brings her wealth and diversity of experience to all projects she works with, is a great team player, and works tirelessly to get the job in hand done.

Gail Gallie, CEO, Fallon London

Lola is gifted with a combination of a journalist’s genuine curiosity and marketer’s ability to bring out the shine. Her communicative style and her warmth make it easy to collaborate. She cut through some indecision in my materials and nailed my brand through some really sparkly copywriting. It’s created a clarity beyond the verbiage I requested or expected… a really smart investment.

Claudia Palmira, Curator, Innovator, Editor & Designer

Lola’s presentation for Media Trust’s Conference, Communications for a Digital World, on generational differences in expectations, motivations, attitudes and behaviors was an insightful mixture of truth, cultural insights and humor.  Delivered with passion, integrity and intellect, Lola’s presentation was thought-provoking and engaging and made a real impact on the success of our event, inspiring our participants to completely re-frame  their understanding of generational characteristics, especially as Lola made it clear that the key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.

Gavin Sheppard, Marketing Director, Media Trust

Lola is an exceptionally driven and enthusiastic Brand Consultant whose results have made a big impact for our company. Lola has her finger on the pulse and is outstanding at defining and delivering PR and marketing strategies. Lola’s point of view is always fresh, innovative and insightful. Lola is a joy to work with; creative, professional and fun with a broad-range of industry and global brand knowledge, Lola has been a true asset to the re:kap team.

Kevin Allen, Chairman & Founder at re:kap Ltd.

I’ve worked with Lola in taking a new social media platform to market. She developed an adroit and compelling marketing strategy that helped us gain brand awareness in our sector from what was virtually a standing start. Lola brings a great deal of PR and marketing experience and always provides valuable insights and ideas.  A well connected and respected marketing professional, Lola is a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Mark Cable, Webjam Sales

Lola has been an absolute joy and pleasure to work with and learn from. What she brought to the table was always on a level of excellence and her vibrant energy always made delivering projects a lot more enjoyable.

Lola has a remarkable way of converting simple words into enchanting marketing messages which resulted in an exceptional turnaround in website and blog traffic. In true team player fashion, Lola’s efforts were always to work outside of her marketing and communications role to contribute to the entire business. I am delighted to have had the opportunity to work with her and I hope there will be many more opportunities in the future.

Sheeza Ahmad, Project Coordinator, Webjam

It was a pleasure working with Lola. I found her to be very talented and a delight to work with. She was flexible and delivered with excellence.

Julius James, Executive Director, Head of Executive Development at Time Warner Inc.

Lola is a joy to work with. She’s high energy, full of ideas, and totally focussed on getting things done. She works tirelessly to achieve results and does so with a real sense of humor… I highly recommend her!

Sherilyn Shackell, Founder & CEO of The Marketing Academy

It takes a lot of focussed energy and expertise to get a new concept off the ground. Lola has demonstrated these traits brilliantly in the 2010 launch of The Marketing Hall of Legends/Marketing Academy in the UK. Excellent attention to detail and the ability to “chivvy” people along as necessary – in the nicest possible way!”

Mike Hughes, Director General at ISBA

I have only known Lola for a year and in that time I have seen her generate some excellent results for the Marketing Academy from a standing start with limited budget. You clearly need to know what you are doing to pull that off. I would not hesitate to work with her again.

Paul Berney, Chief Marketing Officer,
Mobile Marketing Association

I worked with Lola in her role as PR Director of The Marketing Academy and as a PR Consultant for International Marketing Partners. She brought energy, enthusiasm and commitment to both roles. What really marks Lola out has been her ability to quickly assess new channels and opportunities and then create propositions, content and services to win business in them. Lola has a deep understanding of PR and marketing, is an effective leader and has consistently delivered great results all the time I have known her.

Allyson Stewart-Allen,
Chief Executive at International Marketing Partners

Lola is a polished and able marketeer and public relations specialist with highly developed skills and a charming manner. She has formidable ability as her track record attests. Bright, articulate and energetic, Lola is a class act.

Neville Washington, Director at Washington Consulting

Lola’s energy and passion for the projects she works on is infectious. She is a true PR and Comms specialist and her ideas and enthusiasm bring people along with her – when you’re working for a start-up organisation those skills are invaluable. I very much enjoyed working with her at The Marketing Academy.

Camilla Woodhouse, Programme Director,
The Marketing Academy

Lola is a pleasure to work with. Lola’s highly engaging, insightful, and charismatic style is infectious. I always look forward to my meetings with Lola where I leave feeling fired up and armed with that extra special piece of PR knowledge which Lola is an absolute expert at hunting down and gathering. Lola is a true asset to any company she works with and I highly recommend her.

Nikki Fiveash, COO, re:kap Ltd

Lola is a very talented PR/Marketing consultant who is up-to-date with the emerging technologies including social media. Lola is a very committed, hard working, responsible and flexible person who takes pride in her quality of work. Lola has created lots of valuable marketing collateral for Webjam as well as being great fun to work with.

Sarfraz Ahmad, Chief Executive Officer, Webjam


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