about Lola

So, the bit about me that’s all about what I can do for you:

My clients hire me to take them on a brand journey that delivers a compelling emotional connection with their customers and to craft their unique brand that offers tangible value across every customer touch point.

Lola has great energy and creativity as well as a logical approach to working with brands. I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking to expand their brand and product offerings.  Lola is so creative, she sees a lot of connections that are easy to miss when you’re too close to your business.

As London Ambassador for Food Revolution Day, Lola took our brief fast and then turned it into actions even faster.  Dynamic, creative, innovative and passionate, and great fun to have on the team, Lola is absolutely at home with new world PR and social media and able to leverage the best way to connect a cause with it’s champions.

-Sy Brighton, Jamie Oliver Ltd.

I’ll give you an overview of what’s working and what’s not and an all important road map for how to get to where you want to be.  Combining strategy, with a bucket list and resource manual, I provide you with my assessment of your social presence, brand voice, user experience and content strategy.  My review includes a top-level summary of the state of your brand and a plan for your social marketing activities, how to create the desired user experiences, topic strategy for your blog, email and content products as well as recommended actions to take your brand from where you are to where you want to be.

We’ll also uncover and create exactly what actions you want your site visitors to take- the most compelling copy in the world is only as good as the results it delivers.  Our discovery sessions will cover everything I need to get under the hood of your business- whether it’s existing or getting ready to launch.  Once the feel and tone of your social platforms and site have been optimized, it’s time to introduce your SEO keywords throughout your site in a non-salesy, authentic way.

Bringing my expertise in generational expectations, motivations, attitudes and behaviors, I’ll ensure that every touchpoint of your brand speaks your customers’ language.  This is a key, and all too often overlooked component is connecting with your customer base that will not only drive your site visitors to engage further with your services- but compel them to carry out your desired actions.

Ready to take your brand from meh… to yeah?  Then let’s uncover the most compelling aspects of your business, create an irresistible emotional connection for your services and build your brand.

And for those of you who want to know a bit about me on a personal note, well yes indeed, I’m most definitely an optimist…

Well yes indeed, I’m most definitely an optimist…having learned a life lesson or two, I start from the frame that we can achieve anything as soon as we think of it– that with commitment comes the ability to achieve anything really. 

Being a connector, idea generator and getting stuff done is what I’m all about. Balancing the YIN of digital platforms — with their potential for exponential connection — with the YANG of real world experiences to create communities of value and service.

As Walt Disney said, ‘It’s kind of fun to do the impossible…’


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