Let’s get you from meh… to yeah!

Guess what —not everyone likes you.  That’s life and that’s a really good thing.  Trying to be all things to all people?  Not only is it impossible, it’s incredibly boring. 

(PSSSTTTT!!!! ‘yeah’ is way more fun than ‘meh’ It’s also going to bring in a lot more business and yes — money — because we all need to make a living.)

I’m from the school of thought that being in the middle of the road blows — wouldn’t you rather be grabbing up your ideal customers into a steamy, back-bending, cosmos-inducing swoon that not only builds your brand but pumps up the volume on your profits?!

Here’s the pinch and here’s where I can help: it’s practically impossible to be impartial and give a real voice to your own business (i.e. you) in a way that’s genuine without reverting to overused and meaningless buzzwords (synergy, anyone?) 

My clients hire me to laser in on what makes their offering of real value and to connect them with the customers that will be best served by them.  More than copywriting, what I often do is help my clients to communicate not just their product benefits, but who their customers will be and what they’re going to belong to.  

Lola has great energy and creativity as well as a logical approach to working with brands. I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking to expand their brand and product offerings.  Lola is so creative, she sees a lot of connections that are easy to miss when you’re too close to your business.

As London Ambassador for Food Revolution Day, Lola took our brief fast and then turned it into actions even faster.  Dynamic, creative, innovative and passionate, and great fun to have on the team, Lola is absolutely at home with new world marketing and social media and able to leverage the best way to connect a cause with it’s champions.
– Sy Brighton, Jamie Oliver Ltd.

I boost the bottom line for my clients with smart ways to: 

  • create brand engagement that builds brand loyalty and advocacy by building a dedicated tribe of advocates that love your brand and shouts it from the rooftops.

  • expand your brand through product development, offerings and engagement touch points that deliver experiences that exceed your tribe’s expectations. I work with my clients to create a consistent customer experience of being highly valued and deeply understood.

  • disseminate trends within the ever evolving world of digital media to pinpoint meaningful ways for your brand to provide real value.

Let’s get you some brand love!

I’m really good at cutting through whatever thicket’s between you and your awesome thing you’ve unleashed on the world.  I’m all about scraping back all the layers of marketing speak, all those care worn phrases that never really meant anything in the first place and getting a whole lotta light on why you do what you do and how it’s gonna have a huge life changing impact on your punters’ lives.

I navigate my clients through the social media stratosphere, turning down the tsunami into a focused channel where they’re engaging with their customers in meaningful and valuable ways, growing their community and building their reputation as quickly and effectively as possible.  Being part of the best networks for your community is the optimal way to have power and influence and to drive visits and the desired actions on your website.

Ready to unleash your genius?  Let’s focus- or if needed- reignite your passion for what you’re doing, cause if you don’t care, who else is going to- except maybe your grandma- though most likely she’s just being polite.  What I’m all about is uncovering the ‘you’ in all of this and the ‘why’ in what you’re doing and the ‘who’ in the people who’s worlds you’re looking to rock.

We’ll make sure you’re all madly, deeply, truly connected to your customer and what their seemingly insurmountable problem is and most important- and this is the clincher- who they’re going to be once they’ve done the deal, bought the t-shirt.

“Working with Lola Reed on Webjam’s Essential Social Media Guide was a real pleasure. The purpose of the guide was to cut through the commotion about social media and provide people with clear and easy to understand explanations of this fast moving topic. Her ability to get to the point and simplify complex ideas would be of great help to anyone trying to get their message across in an increasingly noisy world.”
-Euan Semple, Social Media Thought Leader

But wait —there’s more!

It’s not enough to just have smokin hot, SEO optimized copy —you’ve got to go and be with your tribe where they’re already hanging out.  So let’s navigate the social media stratosphere and turn down that tsunami wave of internet overload and make social real and meaningful.


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